Summer is here!

So, I havent posted in awhile..the sun is out, kids are here..and its just been crazy. I had a mental bucket list of what I wanted to do over the summer…DID YOU?? 

1. Read several books…DONE

2. Work in my garden…DONE..but my cucumbers are turning yellow and orange?? If you have an answer to that one..I would love it!

3. Make a quilt…I am almost done, and I have to say..easier than I thought! 

4. Get some projects done on the house..

    I have started several of these, not finished several of them, which does not make me happy…but work has taken over. Although, my bedroom is almost finished and let me tell you…GAWH!!! Its awesome!! I have started painting my kitchen cabinets which I am liking, but will not be finished for awhile. 

Lastly…relax and breathe. Go to the lake, have some with friends and family…after all, isn’t that what life is about???

So, if you have not made a summer bucket is the day!! Its never too late!!