Dining Room pics-Part 1

So, I totally forgot to put pics up of my Dining room remodel! I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White. SEVERAL quarts actually.


This is BEFORE..when we just moved in..Not bad at all…except that ugly peach brown that should be illegal in every state. It had to go. We knew that we were going to paint the trim, as beautiful as it is..it just too dark for our taste. I know..GASP!! But it’s WOOD!! I know, I know..guess what…it STILL WOOD, hehe.


Getting ready to work..

Very tall ladder…potential danger…Sending hunky husband to Lowe’s for some scaffolding…I don’t have time for an ER visit if I am going to finish..

Room is painted, I chose Benjamin Moore Bennington Tan…and I LOVE! Now its time to get out the steel wool, sanding blocks and wax. I always go over it first with steel wool. It buffs out beautifully and makes it much easer to wax..but this is just the way I do it..many different ways.

Finished room..act like those ugly red lamps aren’t there ­čÖé

That UGLY light needs to come DOWN!

I love this so much. I really do. This is a job that you really have to be committed to, lol. I took me about 2 weeks to finish.

I’ll Post some more pics soon on the completed room and entry way! Would love to hear your feedback!


The House Hunting Story..

So..We moved into a new (new to us) home at the end of March. We needed more space and all 4 of my little darlings were ready for their own rooms. They have always shared..and they are growing BIG :(…


So the house hunting extravaganza started. I am normally a pretty calm person…but I am not cut out for this kind of stress. Is it going to sell quick?..oh no, it’s not selling…”We cannot have a TOWEL laying out when people come to look!!!”…I turned a bit crazy. And just about the time I gave up…It sold!!

Now next hurdle..we had our eye on a house that we LOVED. We went to open houses, looked 3 times..drove the motorcycle out on sunday afternoon..you know..house stalking….It was empty..so no owners were calling the Po-Po. Our offer was accepted a couple of days later!!! All those things I worried about…most happened.

We closed on our house before we closed on new house ┬á. A week and a half in between houses..we can do this. We borrowed a camper RV from a friend..we camp all the time, what the big deal, right?? The big deal was lender issues..over and over…they hate self employment..

We lived in the camper for 5 1/2 WEEKS!!!! 2 ADULTS, 4 BOYS, 2 dogs..( Boxer and MASTIFF!!!) The first week and a half were not bad..was kind of fun. Snow storms, ice storms, no power, SPRING BREAK…you name it. It happened. ┬áThank the Lord, no children or pets were harmed in the middle of my almost break-downs…but alas…we were freed from the camper..Home SWEET Home.


So, I want to be able to look back, get feedback, and hopefully give some good ideas to some folks..I am going to post my progress on each room as I “de-90’s” it. It is a fabulous home with lots of character..so stand by and throw in some comments! I would love to hear it!

P.S. Sorry this is such a LONG post…

Peace! Im OUT…Amy