The never ending tv cabinet saga…


 So you know the scenario..your looking for the “perfect” piece of furniture, and your using something temporary…just for a little while, right? Turns into 2 years later..and you ask yourself how this happened? 

That’s me with the tv console/cabinet situation. We had plans that were half built, just never felt right. So thankful to FB land that lands me to a local antique store. 

This was my original idea..still love it, I won’t lie. But hunky husband wanted the other and I think it will be great too…but can someone please buy this and make it awesome..please?!? 

So..I will post pics of the progress and finished product soon! What are you creating today?? 


Whoa,’s been awhile.

Two years?!?!?! It’s been two years since my last blog post?? Well baby, I’m back. There has been alot of creative things going on around me, and I follow everyone else’s so I might as well jump back in the game, right?? Life just has a way of taking over sometimes.

SO-there will be lots of updates and new adventures ahead!


XOXO-Amy Lou