well, hello again!

Wow, I have been kinda MIA…It has one heck of a crazy year! But, I am back and ready to update you on all that has been going on in “Amy land”. Life just has a way of taking over, doesn’t it? I think the biggest struggle is just to not let that take over where we are just running around and being crazy people. Being deliberate with our lives and not letting it run us. My pastor said yesterday “Don’t let our “stuff” and our “lives” own us. Profound statement. Im striving to make that happen.

With my birthday being July 2, its a good opportunity for me to reflect on the first half of the year. Turning 39 this year, I guess approaching the big “4-0”,forced me to take a look back and a look forward. My biggest and toughest accomplishment has been my children. Being a mom is the most rewarding, sometimes heartbreaking, toughest thing I have ever done. Although my job is not done, it kind of my turn to “spread my wings” a little bit. After years of on and off college attendance, I have decided to go back to school. It will be a busy year, but at the end, I will be a nurse. I will still do furniture, and all things crafty, but I need to finish what I started…and end up getting a paycheck every week 🙂 Lots of changes, but I am very excited for what God has in store for us.

Having said all of THAT….there has been a lot of renovation going on at our house! I will be posting pics soon! Slowly we are coming out of 1994, and I think it is looking fabulous! I just wanted to check in and say hello! You will be seeing lots of post coming up! Thank you for visiting!!

XOXO-Amy Lou