Heeellllooo Twenty Fourteen!!!

So, as I logged on yesterday I realized how long it had been since I wrote a post! I have had WAY too many things going on in the last several months, and I admit…I have lost my focus.

My Goals for the NEW YEAR!

1. Relax More

2. Focus on what is important. 

We really spend too much time on things we don’t like doing, that we can say NO to! I aim to cut out the stuff that I don’t feel called to, cannot fit into my schedule without leaving no time for myself, and making me CRA-CRA! 

3. Not procrastinating or not dealing with things.

This is probably my worst. If it I don’t want to deal with it, I act like it doesn’t exist. Can I get an Amen from the choir??? I KNOW I am not alone. Regardless if it financial, family, or work…My goal is to DEAL. Most things are not a big deal…but those things that ARE, I can’t ignore. 

I am very excited for the events of the coming year though. Going to amp up my business, take a VACATION!!! and enjoy my kiddos before they leave the nest…sniff sniff. 

What are your goals for the New Year? Are you expecting good things? Making small goals/big goals? 

Cmon friends.. lets do this!