Throwing off the dirt!

So, I know this is a decorating, DIY blog…however, I wanted to write down all my thoughts from my weekend. You don’t mind riding along, do you?? Well, great! Let me tell you about my weekend then!! 

So, every year for the past maybe 7 years? we Foursquare women, and several hundred others load up and go to a womens conference at Victory Church in Oklahoma City. It is always a fun trip, and its great to get away and get refreshed. Everyone needs these! Women and makes us better, trust me! I always go with an expectant heart, although some years have touched me more than others.

The past year has definitely had its challenges, and is still currently riding the wave of big challenge. I admit, I have been feeling very overwhelmed and just wanted to go lie in my bed, pull the covers over my head and forget all the things going on around me, because quite frankly, I am tired. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sad to say, I have laid down. The theme was BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!! Honestly, whoopity doo. Boy, did I have a spiritual awakening coming smack me in the face. Thank you LORD. As Barb Swanson spoke about “walking through our trash”, I realized what I am facing head on. FEAR. As I wrote on a piece of paper all the things I am fearful about, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am gripped with fear over my future. 

Then Holly Wagner, who is FANTASTIC, btw…spoke of being AWAKENED. I have been lured to sleep by the fears and cares of this world. I have been laying down, not using one piece of armor that the Lord has provided to me. I have left my children and my husband unprotected spiritually because I was too tired to fight. And lets be honest while I am spilling my guts, lol….I didn’t trust the ONE who has always taken of me, to be able to handle the cares of my world. I felt shameful because I feel like a failure. That I haven’t done everything perfect.  I told myself that he is with me, but I didn’t “feel” him, and was too tired to seek him out. 

You may not know me intimately, but I am not a lay down kind of girl. You may think, “she’s being too hard on herself”, OR “why would she let herself get THERE?”..but thank God for his deliverance. Why don’t we recognize the ploy of the enemy to make us feel like we are all alone. That we have screwed things up too much that God doesn’t WANT to help us”??? Plain and simple…I did not trust God with the affairs of my life that are the most important to me. Thank God for his gentle hand that comes along and pulls away the fog in our mind, opens up our hearts and brings refreshing. My circumstances are still the same, but I am not handing my destiny to the one who wants to take it.

God says in Philippians 4:6 NLT-Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell GOD what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Isaiah 52:2, Brush off the dust and get to your feet, captive Jerusalem! Throw off your chains, captive daughter of Zion!

I am going to dust off the dust of the things that weigh me down, Throw off the chains of the things that make me feel oppressed. I am no longer going to be laying down allowing the enemy to beat me up in my spirit. I am sharing this, because I know I am not alone. The enemys tricks are not new. He wants to make you feel like you are nothing. Period. Every good thing comes from God. 

If this has bored you to tears, so sorry 🙂  I know this is long, but I know this can be life changing for people. Shake the dust off, throw off the chains my friend. Let’s live this life we were given. Let’s change it for the good. Let’s complete the assignment that we have been put here for.

Have a fantastic week!


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