The House Hunting Story..

So..We moved into a new (new to us) home at the end of March. We needed more space and all 4 of my little darlings were ready for their own rooms. They have always shared..and they are growing BIG :(…


So the house hunting extravaganza started. I am normally a pretty calm person…but I am not cut out for this kind of stress. Is it going to sell quick?..oh no, it’s not selling…”We cannot have a TOWEL laying out when people come to look!!!”…I turned a bit crazy. And just about the time I gave up…It sold!!

Now next hurdle..we had our eye on a house that we LOVED. We went to open houses, looked 3 times..drove the motorcycle out on sunday stalking….It was no owners were calling the Po-Po. Our offer was accepted a couple of days later!!! All those things I worried about…most happened.

We closed on our house before we closed on new house  . A week and a half in between houses..we can do this. We borrowed a camper RV from a friend..we camp all the time, what the big deal, right?? The big deal was lender issues..over and over…they hate self employment..

We lived in the camper for 5 1/2 WEEKS!!!! 2 ADULTS, 4 BOYS, 2 dogs..( Boxer and MASTIFF!!!) The first week and a half were not bad..was kind of fun. Snow storms, ice storms, no power, SPRING BREAK…you name it. It happened.  Thank the Lord, no children or pets were harmed in the middle of my almost break-downs…but alas…we were freed from the camper..Home SWEET Home.


So, I want to be able to look back, get feedback, and hopefully give some good ideas to some folks..I am going to post my progress on each room as I “de-90’s” it. It is a fabulous home with lots of stand by and throw in some comments! I would love to hear it!

P.S. Sorry this is such a LONG post…

Peace! Im OUT…Amy

This Junk Mama is tired!!!!

Three shows in 3 weeks…what the heck was I thinking and who talked me into this???Image

Dont get me wrong..I LOVE shows…no, I REALLY love them. But this was a marathon even for me. I have learned that I have limits..age will not let me do what I used to do. I require way more sleep…can I hear an AMEN??

I did get a late start getting ready for show #1 (Herb Fest) due to end of school year STUFF..and back yard reno..will do a post on that soon.  However, I was working till the last minuet…like changing 4 chairs the day before..and the morning of the show! was packed, the rain cleared a few hours before start time..and it was a fabulous day. So fabulous in fact…that it was almost a SOLD OUT show. Great, you say..I agree…but then it was a mad dash for show #2..SUGAR MOON that is a 3 day show.


Great 3 days with truly great people. Some people come into your life that just “get” you..and it is always fun to get together…So Heather..(A.K.A. Lucky Peach Designs..check her out..her work is fabulous..and so is she) and I decided to do show #3 together..and I listened to her craziness talking me into this 3 show/3 week thing..BUT…show #3 JUNK HIPPY ROADSHOW was AWESOME!!! We always meet the funnest people here. I love the reactions when people come to our booth. One particular girl named Erin asking….”Why did you sell those chairs before I got here??” Girl, you were cracking me up.

Anyway..I lived through..even though I ended up with a nasty looking eye..which turned out to be an ULCER!!! ugh!!! I saw my girl, Miranda Lambert in concert..had the funnest photo shoot of my life with great friends, and became a Mimi again to a beautiful girl named Kori Elizabeth.


IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4234My Hunky husband and very smitten Uncles….

Despite being a crazy month…we are beyond blessed.